Our Church

Our Mission Statement

The Placer Buddhist Church strives to nurture compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, peace, tolerance, inclusiveness, and spiritual exploration by providing a place where everyone is welcome. Our mission is to continually learn and live the Buddhist Teachings to reduce suffering and support our lives and the lives around us. We offer an open door to sharing these teachings, as well as friendship and community.

A President's Reflection

In the difficult times that we face, I am truly fortunate to be a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist. Buddhism has taught me the value of patience and understanding the perspectives of others, especially those who are less fortunate or suffering. I only hope I can become better by learning and helping others where I can.

Looking forward, the PBC Board will begin our discussions on reopening the temple. On June 20th, the Buddhist Churches of America will meet via computer to discuss how the organization can reopen and ensure a safe environment for the Sangha. While the details of this work are challenging, we also want the Sangha to feel comfortable coming back to PBC. The PBC Board will begin this discussion at the June Board meeting.

Despite the pandemic, PBC has been truly fortunate to continue receiving donations from our members and families. Like many of the BCA temples, donations have decreased because of canceled services and fundraisers. These activities are critically needed to ensure we can meet our financial obligations and maintain the facility. The Sangha will be sent a letter shortly to request whether you would consider an additional donation this year. The details and reasons will be described in the letter. Your generous consideration will be greatly appreciated!

As Rev. Candice Shibata transitions to the Stockton Buddhist Church on July 1st, the Board is working with Bishop Harada on a Supervising Minister agreement with the Sacramento Buddhist Church and Rev. Matt Hamasaki to begin on July 1st also. PBC wishes to thank Reverend Candice Shibata for all her guidance and enthusiasm shared with Placer the last 1 ½ years. Her interactive Dharma talks, book club, arranging guest ministers, and proactive ministerial support have been sincerely appreciated! We are working on Rev. Matt Hamasaki’s transition as a Supervising Minister at Placer starting July. As an individual with local roots, we look forward to welcoming him to Placer!

If you have not visited our updated website, please visit https://www.placerbuddhistchurch.org/ for current information. We will now post the monthly PBC bulletin on the website. Also, for June, Rev. Candice Shibata will post a short video dedication of the Shotsuki Hoyo families for April, May, and June.

As I reflect over the last 6 months, I could not have imagined the worldly events that have occurred during my first year as PBC President. I appreciate the many individuals that have supported me through Zoom meetings, emails, and phone calls. At some point, I hope we can return to a new level of normalcy. Thank you everyone for your patience and support! As always, please feel free to comment on how we can do better. You may contact me at allan.yamashiro@placerbuddhistchurch.org.

In Gassho,

Allan Yamashiro, PBC President

Our Contact Information

Placer Buddhist Church

3192 Boyington Road

Penryn, CA. 95663

(916) 652-6139

Our Church

The Placer Buddhist Church is located at 3192 Boyington Road in Penryn California, County of Placer. It sits at the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just off Interstate 80. It is approximately half way between San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.

The Church was founded in 1902 in the small foothills town of Penryn. The original church was near the center of town approximately 3 miles from its current location. The church moved to its current location in approximately 1963. The church is well known in the community for the annual food bazaar which is always held on the 4th weekend of September. The annual food bazaar started in 1964, just after the church moved to the new location.

The church supports many organizations such as the Placer Buddhist Women’s Association (PBWA), Young Buddhist Association (YBA), Sierra Bonsai Club, Dharma School, and Placer Ume Taiko Group. The church also holds various classes during the week including calligraphy, flower arranging, Tai Chi and exercise classes. See the church calendar for class times.

Supervising Minister

Rev. Candice Shibata

Minister's Assistants

Rich Kawahata

Michi Mitani

Ed Nakamoto

2020 PBC Officers


Allan Yamashiro

1st Vice President

Ed Nakamoto

2nd Vice President

Jerry Henry

Recording Secretary

Claudia Nakata


Howard Itow


Carole Kawamoto