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Our Mission Statement

The Placer Buddhist Church strives to nurture compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, peace, tolerance, inclusiveness, and spiritual exploration by providing a place where everyone is welcome.  Our mission is to continually learn and live the Buddhist Teachings to reduce suffering and support our lives and the lives around us.  We offer an open door to sharing these teachings, as well as friendship and community.

New PBC Office Hours

Every Thursday from 9:00am - 1:00pm

Buddhist education through the EVERYDAY BUDDHIST

If you sign up make sure you tell them you're from Placer Buddhist Church. 

PBC Annual Report's

The Placer Buddhist Church Annual reports are available for review.  Use the links below to download and review the document. 

A President's Reflection   

March 2024

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits. With Valentine's Day behind us, I realized many of us reserve this day to show those we love how much they mean to us instead of expressing it on a daily basis. Taking a cue from this, I am reminded of the teachings of Buddhism and how it should be a regular practice, rather than occasional rituals and practiced only when reminded like after a service or Dharma lesson.


The Buddhist philosophy inspires us to embody love, compassion, and patience in our daily lives — and by doing so, we not only enhance our own well-being, but may also contribute to alleviating the anxieties and suffering of those around us. Small acts of kindness, a smile, or a moment of compassion can have an immeasurable impact on others, especially during times when we may not be aware of the struggles they are facing. In the spirit of the approaching spring, I am renewing my commitment to practicing love and compassion daily, and I encourage you to join me on this journey.


Highlights from the previous month include the successful hybrid National Council Meeting, which featured in-person and virtual participation. The Northern California District Council hosted this event, and we extend our gratitude to Allan Yamashiro for chairing this significant gathering. We also commend our delegates Ed Nakamoto and Frank Perrott for their representation of Placer and their voting privileges for PBC on any changes to BCA by-laws.


Looking ahead to March, we have a series of exciting events lined up. Our Tai Chi classes with Rev. Yuki will continue on the first and third Thursdays, and Rev. Matt will be leading Buddhist Study classes on March 10th following the service, and on March 28th at 10:00 a.m. Additionally, on March 10th, Placer Ume Taiko will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast at 8:30 a.m., followed by a performance at 9:15 a.m. Finally, mark your calendars for our Spring Ohigan Service on March 24th.


With spring, the weeds are trying to take over so please thank Kiki Yonemoto and the Garden Party for keeping the weeds and overgrowth contained to keep our grounds looking good. Thank you also to Nob Nimura and the maintenance crew for replacing the hot water heater and fixing the garbage disposal in the kitchen. This silent crew keeps things running so the buildings are functional and comfortable for all of us to enjoy. Take care and I hope your allergies don’t get out of hand this spring.

In Gassho, 

Rene' Yamashiro, PBC President

Our Contact Information

Placer Buddhist Church

3192 Boyington Road

P.O.Box 349                      <-- New Mailing Address

Penryn, CA. 95663

(916) 652-6139

Our Church

The Placer Buddhist Church is located at 3192 Boyington Road in Penryn California, County of Placer. It is located at the scenic base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just off Interstate 80. It is approximately halfway between San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.

The Church was founded in 1902 in the small foothill town of Penryn. The original church was near the center of town approximately 3 miles from its current location. The church moved to its current location in 1963. The church is well known in the community for annual food bazaar which is typically held on the 4th weekend of September. The annual food bazaar  began in 1964, just after the church moved to  its new location.

The church supports organizations such as the Placer Buddhist Women’s Association (PBWA), Young Buddhist Association (YBA), Sierra Bonsai Club, Dharma School, and Placer Ume Taiko Groups. The church also holds various classes during the week including calligraphy, flower arranging, Tai Chi, Obon dancing and exercise classes. See the church calendar for class times.

Dharma services and group activities have been limited during the Covid-19 pandemic and will reopen when safe to publicly meet. 

Supervising Ministers

    Rev. Matt Hamasaki

    Rev. Yuki Sugahara

Minister's Assistants

    Rich Kawahata

    Michi Mitani

    Ed Nakamoto

2023 PBC Officers


            René Yamashiro

    1st Vice President

            Tom Aust

    2nd Vice President

            Frank Perrott

    Recording Secretary

            Linda Dickerson

            Claudia Nakata


            Kent Kawamoto


            Karen Takayama