Recurring Events

* Check the church calendar for any last minute cancellations or changes

Every 4th Wednesday of the Month

6:30pm - 8:00pm PST

Via Zoom

Register for the class by emailing Rev. Shibata at:

"Buddhism of the heart" by Jeff Wilson can be purchased on or

Please purchase your book in advance or if you have difficulties obtaining a copy, please email Rev. Shibata for assistance.

Recurring Events

Upcoming Events

November 6 PBWA Virtual Meeting via Zoom

November 8 November PBC Board Meeting via Teleconference

November 9 PBC Monthly Bingo - 10:00am

November 16 Reno Howakai - Zoom

November 20 November Monthly Memorial Service

December 3 Tomodachi Bento Delivery

December 4 PBWA Virtual Meeting via Zoom

December 4 Deadline to order Mochi

December 8 Bodhi Day

December 10 Deadline to order Chicken Teriyaki/Chow Mein

December 11 December Monthly Memorial Service

December 13 December PBC Board Meeting via Teleconference

December 14 PBC Monthly Bingo - 10:00am

December 18 PBC Mochitsuki

December 21 Reno Howakai - Zoom

December 31 PBC Chicken Teriyaki / Chow Mein Pickup

January 8 Deadline for reservation for the PBC New Year's Party

January 15 PBC New Year's Party