Recurring Events

Recurring Events

Upcoming Events

December 1 December Monthly Memorial Service

PBWA Bonenkai Luncheon and installation of PBWA Officers

December 8 Bodhi Day Service at 10:00am with guest speaker Rev. Kelvin Mark. Potluck luncheon to follow.

December 9 Senior Program - Bingo and Lunch

December 10 PBC Board meeting at 6:30pm

December 14 Prep for Mochitsuki

December 15 Mochitsuki (making mochi) at 7:00am

December 31 Pick up Shogatsu chicken between 10am and noon

Year End Service at 7:00pm, followed by eating udon (please send in your reservation)

January 5 January Monthly Memorial Service

January 12 Pet Memorial Service

January 14 PBC Board meeting at 6:30pm

January 19 No Service. PBC general meeting at 1:00pm; Happy hour at 2pm; New Year's dinner at 3pm