Placer Buddhist Church

3192 Boyington RoadPenryn, CA. 95663(916) 652-6139

Important Notice

Due to the coronavirus, PBC activities and events are cancelled until May 8, 2020. Included (but not limited to) are cancellations of:

Dharma Services Hanamatsuri

PBC Golf Tournament April Tomodachi Bento

PBWA Meetings Buddhist Study Class

Senior Program

The April Monthly Memorial Service will be combined with the May Monthly Memorial Service, scheduled for May 10th. This situation remains fluid so please check the PBC website for further updates,, or call the PBC office at (916) 652-6139. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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A Dharma Message by Rev. Candice Shibata

“Other people’s lives are just as precious and irreplaceable as our own. They have families and livelihoods just as we do. We are all living interconnected with each other in some way or another.” 1

As I am sitting at my desk writing this article, the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us. The uncertainty that we feel may be causing worry and fear, which is a natural response when we are dealing with a situation that we have not experienced before. During this difficult time, one fact is certain. We are all in this together.

This tenet of interconnection is universal in all schools of Buddhism. Although we may not be able to take away another’s illness, sadness or suffering, we can still continue to provide compassionate support through our own understanding and experience of suffering in our own lives. This in turn, creates a deep and meaningful connection with another person.

As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the temple has suspended all activities at this time as a means to keep our temple members safe. This recommended method of “social distancing” is being used to stop or slow down the virus and many have referred to it as “physical distancing” to emphasize the need for physical distance, but not social isolation. Although we may not be able to see each other on a regular basis at the temple like we did just a few weeks ago, our physical distance does not prevent us from being together and embraced in the Nembutsu.

The Nembutsu as Namo Amida Butsu “is the dynamic working that is directed to us from the Buddha. This working does not stop at the temple or Buddhist altar.”2 In other words, Amida Buddha is constantly calling us and reaching out to us through infinite wisdom and compassion. We respond to Amida’s calling voice with our own voices as we say the Nembutsu. Even though we may not be able to gather together, Amida Buddha’s compassionate call does not stop at the temple as Monshu Kojun Ohtani wrote, but it reaches us no matter where we are or how physically distant we are from one another.

In the days, weeks, and the months ahead, please remember the interconnection of all of our lives and the embrace of Amida Buddha during this time. It is my hope that we can manage to wade in these uncertain waters with compassion and understanding to support one another. Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. I look forward to being with all of you again at the temple as soon as possible.

In Gassho,

Rev. Candice Shibata

1 Kojun Ohtani, Moving Forward Just As You Are: Living in These Uncertain Times (Kyoto: PHP Institute, 2017), 49.

2 Ibid., 60.

The Placer Buddhist Church is located at 3192 Boyington Road in Penryn California, County of Placer. It sits at the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just off Interstate 80. It is approximately half way between San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.

The Church was founded in 1902 in the small foothills town of Penryn. The original church was near the center of town approximately 3 miles from its current location. The church moved to its current location in approximately 1963. The church is well known in the community for the annual food bazaar which is always held on the 4th weekend of September. The annual food bazaar started in 1964, just after the church moved to the new location.

The church supports many organizations such as the Placer Buddhist Women’s Association (PBWA), Young Buddhist Association (YBA), Sierra Bonsai Club, Dharma School, and Placer Ume Taiko Group. The church also holds various classes during the week including calligraphy, flower arranging, Tai Chi and exercise classes. See the church calendar for class times.