Looking Ahead to April:

April 1 - BWA food prep for Hanamatsuri mini-bazaar. Please bring flowers for the Hanamido by 1:00 PM. No strong-fragrant flowers or with thorns. Hanamido will be decorated by Dharma School students, parents and other interested adults.
April 2 - Monthly Memorial/Hanamatsuri Service at 10 AM with Rev. Kurt. Instead of offering incense, form two lines and pour "sweet tea" once over the infant statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. This symbolizes the sweet rain that fell on the newborn Buddha-to-be. Coffee Klatch available. BWA mini bazaar right after the service.
April 6 - Senior Program of Bingo and lunch, starting at 10:00 AM.
April 9 - Regular Dharma Service with class time.
April 16 - Regular Dharma Service with class time.
April 20 - Buddhist Education (study) class at 6:30 PM with Rev. Kurt in the large classroom. Still discussing “Buddhism on Air” by Dr. Ken Tanaka.
April 21-23 - Federation of Dharma School Teachers' Conference in Fresno, CA. Rev. Kurt to attend. No Dharma Service.
April 30 - Regular Dharma Service at 10 AM. No adult Dharma class as Rev. Kurt will be attending Reno's first Howakai (Gathering). Those interested in going to the Reno should contact Fusae Miyamoto or Ed Nakamoto.
Please check the PBC website for schedules for Tai Chi, Taiko, Dance Exercise Class, Haiku, Calligraphy, etc.