List of Frequently Asked Question:

[Q] Do I need to be a Buddhist to attend Placer Buddhist Church?
[A] No you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend services at the Placer Buddhist Church. We welcome all who are interested in exploring Buddhism and a Buddhist community.

[Q] Will the service be in English?
[A] The Dharma Talk, songs and announcements are always in English. We do chant tradition Jodo Shinshu chants in Japanese. Service books are provided which contain the words used in the service.

[Q] How long will the service last?
[A] Our services last about an hour or less.

[Q] What school of Buddhism is the Placer Buddhist Church?
[A] We are a Jodo Shinshu [Pure Land] school of Buddhism. You can learn more about our school of Buddhism in the brief reference in this website under the Activities Tab.