Dharma School

Welcome to Dharma School, a sect of Shin Buddhism!

Dharma School has been part of the Placer Buddhist Church since its inception. We have classes geared to 4-years-old to adults. Until recently, we've had many grade levels. Now we have combination classes with 5 teachers, with Rev. Kurt Rye teaching the high school/college-aged students and occasionally the adult class.

We have Dharma Services every Sunday from 10 AM. After the service which lasts about 30 minutes, we have class time. These classes take 30-45 minutes depending upon the lesson/discussion or project set for that particular Sunday. We encourage parents to attend the adult class while their children are in their own class.

Once a month, on the first Sunday of the month, we hold Monthly Memorial Service for those members who have passed away during that month. Rev. Rye reads off the names of the deceased and gives a brief explanation why we honor the memories of those beloved family members. Current family members offer incense in the memory of the deceased.

Every Sunday Rev. Rye gives a Dharma message. He has even undertaken the task to write Gato's Corner with a Dharma message in the church's monthly bulletin for the younger members of Dharma School. Sometimes the Monthly Memorial Service is combined with another major Buddhist holiday/event. Coffee Klatches are available on these special occasions so that you may socialize with others.

Almost every month, we celebrate or honor a specific teacher of Buddhism from Shakyamuni Buddha, who started the Buddhist movement in India almost 2600 years ago, and to the founder of our sect of Buddhism, Jodo Shinshu (Shin for short).

Please pick up the current Dharma School Service Schedule on the counter in the church lobby. The schedule is also posted on the four bulletin boards, one for Placer Buddhist Church, Buddhist Women's Association, Dharma School and Ume Taiko (Japanese drumming group). Please check the bulletin boards for last-minute changes that arise occasionally. We try to inform people the changes at the end of each Sunday service.

As part of the Buddhist Education series, we have adult classes once a month at 6:30 PM in the large classroom. This class is usually held on the third Thursday of the month taught by Rev. Rye. Due to the great interest in learning about Buddhism, these class sessions have been opened to non-Buddhist members in the community. This month we started a new book entitled: Buddhism on Air: Televised Kaleidoscope of a Growing Religion by Dr. Kenneth Tanaka. This book can be purchased from the BCA Bookstore in Berkeley.

If you have any questions regarding services or classes, please contact Rev. Kurt Rye at revkurt.placer@gmail.com; office phone (916) 652-6139; cell (916) 824-4212.

We hope your experience at Placer Dharma School is an enlightening one!

Also on the counter in the lobby are written materials for your enjoyment. These articles range from Buddhist brochures, Buddhist thoughts by various ministers, Inspirational Thoughts, Requested Recipes, Health materials and current informational materials that are of interest to people. These written materials are FREE.