Service Schedule and Contact Information

Sunday Service Schedule: Services on the first Monday of the Month at 10:00 AM
Starting June 12, The only services will be the Monthly Memorial
Please note: No Dharma Lite sessions with Rev. Kurt over the
summer months due to Rev. Kurt's responsibilities to other
Northern California temples.
Weekly services will resume in October.

Services conducted in English with some Japanese chanting.
Reno Monthly Services [Howakai] Aug 16 and Oct 15


1 Monthly Memorial Service and Ohigan at 10:00 AM
8 First Dharma Service at 10:00 AM
10 PBC Board Meeting
12 Senior Program Bingo and Luau at 10:00 AM
14 Fall Seminar with Revs. Shelley and Matthew Fisher at 10:00 AM
16 Chanting (Asaji) at 9:00 AM
18-31 Japan Trip
22 Dharma Service at 10:00 AM
24 NCDC Meeting
29 Dharma Service at 10:00 AM
31 BCA Conference Planning Meeting

Note: Any schedule changes/updates will be posted on the PBC bulletin boards.

Placer Buddhist Church Mission Statement

The Placer Buddhist Church strives to nurture compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, peace, inclusiveness, and spiritual exploration by providing a place where everyone is welcome. Our mission is to continuously learn and live the Buddhist Teachings to reduce suffering and support our lives and the lives around us. We offer an open door to sharing these teachings, as well as friendship and community.